New Carbon Neutrality certification

In 2020, together with Carbon Credits Consulting, we carried out our first carbon emissions inventory (Carbon Footprint)
New Carbon Neutrality certification
New Carbon Neutrality certification

In 2020, in cooperation with Carbon Credits Consulting (CCC), we started a new journey to our new organizational goal, to achieve Carbon Neutrality.

The first phase focused on the reporting of the company emissions in 2020 about scopes 1 and 2, in other words the direct emissions generated by the company and indirect emissions generated by purchased and consumed energy.

The warning method followed the guidelines of the Greenhouse Gas Register and the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). The result was 152 tonnes of CO2 equ. of which 41% were direct emissions and 59% indirect emissions of scope 2.

Our commitment to sustainability is a long-term one, and our continuous monitoring of company emissions has led to a 17% reduction in 2021 compared to the previous year, totaling 126 tonnes of CO2 equ.

Here, the emissions are divided into 34% of direct emissions (with a 31% of reduction in relation to the previous year) and 66% of indirect emissions (with a 7% of reduction in relation to the previous year).


Through the use of certified carbon credits to offset company emissions in 2021, we decided to support the 'Fazenda São Paulo' reforestation project in the Cerrado ecoregion in Brazil developed by Carbon Credits Consulting.
The project aims to sequester carbon dioxide through the reforestation of a completely degraded area with 478,000 Eucalyptus trees in the Cerrado, precisely in Mato Grosso do Sul in Brazil, and is Carbon Standard Verified by Verra, the global standard most used in this field.

Project results
- 478,000 trees planted in the Project Area;
- +250 hectares of protected native forest;
- 33,314 tonnes of CO2 removed annually;
- 95 new jobs.