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M-HYDRO-TS Unidad de poder hidráulico

M-HYDRO-TS Unidad de poder hidráulico

Datos técnicos

60 Kg
132 lb
2.2 Kw
220 - 400 v trifase / 50 / 60 Hz
Overall dimension
610 x 690 mm
24 x 27 in
1935 mm
76 in
Peso neto:
60 Kg
132 lb


  • Trenes
  • Dumper

  • Suspended Version
  • Extreme power and fastness
  • Perfect when no air supply is available
  • Torque control

Ideal for: tire and maintenance truck shops, road and field services for trucks and heavy duty vehicles; Adjustable tightening torque from 300 to 3.000 Nm. Maximum power on loosening;
Oil Heat exchanger to reduce the impact wrench heating;
Thermal relay to protect the electric motor;
Lateral handles suitable for transportation or manual lifting;
State-of-the-art hammer mechanism;
New impact wrench supply with just 2 flexible hoses to increase manoeuvrability;
Low voltage electrical control of the impact wrench. Maximum operator safety;
Selector for the inversion of phase to use the control unit to any three-phase electrical outlet.


Mammut impact wrenches are enginereed and manufactured to withstand rigorous operating conditions both above and below the ground. All our equipments are locally produced and our aim is to ensure an high quality of Mammut wrenches; this is why we test each single item granting safety and efficiency.

Mammut professional impact wrench is:

  • Ergonomic
  • Compact
  • Extremely powerfull
  • Perfectly weight balanced