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YAK 1815H Macaco oleopneumático de fossa suspenso

YAK 1815H Macaco oleopneumático de fossa suspenso

Our new range of suspended pit jacks is designed for lifting heavy vehicles and is also the ideal solution for the service and maintenance of gearboxes and differentials.

All models are equipped with a new magnetic remote control, which allows the operator to use them in total safety and freedom of movement. They are also equipped with a double descent valve that guarantees a perfect seal and a controlled speed during descent under load.

The customer can choose between two stroke options (600mm or 800mm); two possible capacities (15 or 20 tons); type of beam and wheels.

Several innovations have been introduced with this new range:

  • Integrated air filter with condensate drain, fully accessible to ensure longevity of the pit jack.
  • A wide range of accessories on request that allow the use in every situation and need.
  • Telescopic beam, completely redesigned and adaptable to the size of the holes with 3 different heights: S - M - L and two different ranges of standard widths.
  • 3 types of wheels available to best adapt to the profiles of the hole.New optional "Safety Block System" that allows the lift to be used not only as a lifting device but also as a support axle stand.

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Dados técnicos

15 t
16.5 ton
Peso líquido:
355 Kg
783 lb
Pressão de alimentação:
8-10 bar
116-145 psi
Consumo de ar:
600 nl/min
800 mm
31.5 in
Altura mín.:
790 mm
31.1 in
Número dos Tramos:
Curso dos Tramos:
800 mm
31.5 in

Aplicações macaco:

  • Semi-reboque 1
  • Semi-reboque 3
  • Camião 2
  • Camião 3
  • Veículo articulado 1
  • Meios Especiais
  • Autocarro 2
  • Autocarro 3
  • Veículo articulado 2
  • Autocarro 1
  • Camião 1
  • Camião grua
  • Semi-reboque 2
  • Trator para estradas

Configuration options:

Configuration options
Configuration options


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