Company Philosophy

Our company has been working in this particular sector for more than 50 years, enjoying a constant qualitative and technological growth and able to offer an extremely wide range.
Our jacks have been distinguished over the years by their high reliability and durability, practicality and design. Made of the highest quality materials, each jack is checked and tested before leaving our factory in Italy.
Thanks to our high quality product we have reached high levels on leading European and non-European markets.


Quality control

Quality, in our opinion, starts with the choice of materials that are accurately selected and provided with technical data sheets certifying the technical and mechanical features as well as the chemical analysis.
But the process does not stop here: it follows the machining and assembly phases till the presentation of the final product.
This allowed us to guarantee our jacks during the time, offering reliability and success.

Final test and inspection

Each single jack made undergoes final testing and inspection for more than an hour with automatic devices besides the ordinary tests established by the European Standards. It is then checked once again to guarantee its perfect working order.


Cattini Oleopneumatica is ISO 9001 QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM and TÜV SÜD certified.
All our products are conform to the MACHINE DIRECTIVE  93/44EEC, EN1494, 98/37/EEC, 2006/42/EEC and GOST.

ISO 9001 Certificate Download



We want to offer our customers the best service, even after their purchases. All our products are covered by a 12-month warranty. As for the YAK line, we offer the option to extend the warranty to 36 months free of charge. To obtain this extension, it is necessary to register the purchased jack within 30 days from the date stated on the purchase document. Our company's strength lies in our post-sales support, which includes authorized service centers worldwide.


Know How


The search for maximum product quality is guaranteed by the high level of professionalism and fourty years' experience, combined to the high level of professionalism of our staff. All the designs stages are performed inside the company, using extremely advanced computerized systems, 3D technical softwares, vector converter softwares.

Working the raw material

The working of each single item is done completely inside the company using numerically controlled machinery boasting extremely high technology, quality and precision. Once the first stages are finished, the product is ready to be treated with thermic treatments confirming the high care we use in follow each single step.


Highly qualified people assemble the jacks inside the company, guaranteeing an additional control of each single part and hence of the jack as a whole.

Production facility

Our warehouse is displaced on total area of 4500 m2. The high computer-controlled management ensures us the prompt delivery of whatever jack to meet the requirements of all our customers.